Sunday, August 31, 2008

James Visits Seahawk Camp!

Oh, My! Can life get any more exciting!! James visited the Seahawks practice this week and got his socks knocked off! He met just about every player on that team, they signed a helmet for him and his favorite player gave him a game jersey. Watch the story on

Toyota of Kirkland donates car to James!

James car has been unrevivable all year long! It can be difficult to get to and from work and now with all the appointments he will have, it has become more critical to have reliable transportation. Toyota of Kirkland heard about his dilemma and found a great car that they wanted to donate to him. I haven't seen it, but I'm sure it's as fabulous and a Ferrari!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

$153,250 !

We are in awe at the number of people who have felt it in their heart to contribute to James' surgery fund. This response has warmed our hearts and strengthened our belief in the humanity of mankind. James is walking on cloud nine and is looking forward to his first surgery on November 9th. I'm sure the upcoming football season and knowing he will be home recuperating during some of the season is keeping his mind at ease.

There is talk of another Little Caesars fundraiser, I'll keep you updated here.

Friday, August 1, 2008

James Visits Quest Field, up close!

James was privileged to kiss the grass on Quest Field! Not a lot of people get to do that. Watch the story here.

5 Year Old Donates all in Piggy Bank

We got a letter from a bank teller letting us know about a five year old boy who heard James story and ran up to get his piggy bank to give the money to James. It was not a small amount. The teller sent us the cutest picture that the boy had drawn for James.

Great Fundraiser at Little Caesars!

Sorry for the delay in updating the blog. I've been a little absorbed with my family and dear friends this little while.

The Little Caesars fundraiser was a screaming success. The place was packed! James stayed for several hours passing out balloons and cookies, signing pizza boxes and saying thanks to everyone. Cheers to the guy who held the "fundraiser" sign up on the main road for hours. What a trooper! And thanks to Jesse, the owner of our Little Caesars for hosting the event.