Sunday, September 28, 2008

Send off Party at Pizza Bank NOV 1st 1:00 -3pm

Kirkland's Pizza Bank (across the street from James' Safeway) has volunteered to open their doors early for anyone who'd like to say "good-bye" to Old James. Everyone is welcome. Food and beverage may be purchased off the menu. Thank you to the staff who will work an extra shift for us.

Grocery workers in Woodinville offer meals & dog walking.

In an effort to be a part of the community effort, grocery workers from Top Foods in James neighborhood have volunteered to cook him some meals and walk his dog while he's under the weather.

Katie Nominated for Red Cross Hero's Award

Katie Knopf has been nominated for a local Red Cross Hero's award. The award committee will meet later this year and choose the winners who will get to attend the awards breakfast.

Woodinville Fire Department offers help

The Woodinville Fire Department has offered to help James out with anything he needs. Maybe James will NEED to drive the big fire truck...

Meals for James

Two friends from Safeway are coordinating meals for James during his recovery. We have to keep some meat on this guy, so thanks for keeping his strength up! Also, someone will be cleaning his apt for him.

Sherwood Ambulance donates services

The Sherwood Ambulance service has donated their services to James during his hospital stay, even if it's to bring his flowers home for him! James anticipates feeling great after his surgery.

James featured on Jones Soda bottles

The Seahawks do a promo every year and this year they wanted to put James picture on the Jones Soda bottles. You will only be able to buy them online when they are available. James got his Jones Soda delivered! Go to to order some.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Good Morning America

James has been invited to visit the Good Morning America show sometime this December. It sounds like he will be bringing his store manager Nathan, Katie Knopf and perhaps Abbie Knopf. Abbie was a 6th grader who took part in the Woodmoor Elementary Legacy Gift to James. This will be incredibly exciting for all of us!

ABC's The Doctor's Show

James will be on a new ABC show this fall called The Doctor's. There will be a local town meeting in October where anyone can come ask questions of James, the doctors, Katie Knopf, etc and then they will add his surgery to the show and broadcast it this fall. Stay posted for the Town Meeting information so you can attend if you like.

Dinner with James

I had James over for dinner tonight so we could connect and talk about all the exciting upcoming events. He filled me in on a lot of things I didn't know about and showed us his photos from Seahawks camp. We had the Peays, Richins and Gregson's over so it was lots of fun with everyone.