Saturday, May 31, 2008

Anyone Can Print Fliers

The day is going great! I posted right before midnight, so I want you all to know that was the amount raised as of midnight. We are updating the flier that we have used around town but if you would like to print fliers to pass out in your area, we will get a link here soon.

Friday, May 30, 2008

$30,614.89 to date!

What a wonderful time we are having watching all the love pour in. We still have money from Safeway to receive and KOMO will release their updated numbers this weekend when they rebroadcast his story.

James met with our Safeway contacts today to start the ball rolling. He is scheduling his first appointment with the surgeon who will be in charge of his future. We are really lucky to have Safeway on our side. They donate a lot of money to the medical community in WA and so Safeway's own medical team know right where to find the best surgeons.

James says he wants to have a fun summer first; he has lots of trips and golfing planned and then he would like to start the procedures when the weather turns. He got a little emotional talking about how grateful he was to everyone and the massive response. He's so happy as he is, but life would be so much easier without all the weight pulling his head over. Cheers to all of you-- especially Australia!


To the unemployed student, the child who gave a couple of precious dollars to the ones who have deep pockets and every circumstance in between, we give our sincerest thanks. We are loving all your comments!

We are well on our way! Our Total is well over $23,000.00. That is just what we are sure of. This does not include what Safeway has collected -

Or what Komo 4 Has collected in the past day or so. We are collecting donations under and now have a link to

James story has reached so many news organizations. Donations are pouring in from all over the World.

James wants you to know whether your donations are $5 or much more that he is deeply touched and feels so loved by your outpourings. We have loved the messages sent through PayPal with the donations. We plan to compile a Scrap book with all your messages so James will always remember each gesture.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank you to the WORLD!

We are humbled by your generous hearts. What a difference a day has made for our Friend!

Pay Pal is activated under the email:

Donate at
Go to "Problem Solvers" and choose the story "He is an Amazing Man". At the end of the story there is a link to donate through. Please type in "Friends of James O'Neal" in the box to specify the recipient.

Visit a Bank of America location
"For the Benefit of James O'Neal" account

We can now say that his story has gone Global! His story has reached Australia, Canada and Great Britain. Safeway Grocery has stepped up, and donated the first $10,000 for James' surgery. Starting in July, they will have donation canisters available in every check stand in four states.

Soon you can donate directly at the register of the local Kingsgate Safeway and currently at the Bank of Alaska inside the store. We are having trouble with Bank Of America, but it should be cleared up by Fri. Please be patient.

James story was aired on CNN and with the story KOMO 4 news filmed on May 28th. Check out and and to watch the video or read the transcript which includes a little more information.

We are so thankful for all the comments, they inspire us, and keep us going. I was just talking with James and he was reading through all your notes. He is SO excited about how much has happened in the past 2 days, and is looking forward to his life altering surgeries. We will get a video of him talking to you uploaded soon.