Friday, May 30, 2008

$30,614.89 to date!

What a wonderful time we are having watching all the love pour in. We still have money from Safeway to receive and KOMO will release their updated numbers this weekend when they rebroadcast his story.

James met with our Safeway contacts today to start the ball rolling. He is scheduling his first appointment with the surgeon who will be in charge of his future. We are really lucky to have Safeway on our side. They donate a lot of money to the medical community in WA and so Safeway's own medical team know right where to find the best surgeons.

James says he wants to have a fun summer first; he has lots of trips and golfing planned and then he would like to start the procedures when the weather turns. He got a little emotional talking about how grateful he was to everyone and the massive response. He's so happy as he is, but life would be so much easier without all the weight pulling his head over. Cheers to all of you-- especially Australia!


Vivien said...

Just saw James' story on; will definitely be donating after this comment :)

Thoughts and prayers from Down Under!

Brian said...

Hello from Atlanta...I woke up this morning at 8am est to have my coffee, and sat down at my computer to read the paper...and there James was on Fox News...and, well I saw a person who would not allow his condition to stop him from living life. His condition is exposed to the world, and yet living and loving life is the "drug" that keeps him going. My partner and I were recently diagnosed with HIV...and you can imagine the thoughts and emotion that has overwhelmed us. We are all aflicted in some way by some "thing" that will change our lives. James is an inspiration to me, and makes me look at my condition in a completely different way. If he can have the amazing attitude that he has with his condition exposed to the world, we can surely manage our internal condition with a positive attitude, and the hope and determination that everything will be ok. James, your smile shows through it is bigger than anything that distorts your has touched my heart and I thank you for helping me to start my day off right. It does not matter how far away you are, on the other side of this great country or on the other side of the world, your story is one of hope, determination, and courage. I wish you all of the best with your treatment. We have donated to your fund, hoping that our few dollars will contribute to keeping that beautiful smile of yours alive!!!! Gods Love shines on you!!! Have a great summer!!!

Jacquie Rogers said...

I just now saw the article on KOMO's site and then came here to visit. Good luck to Mr. O'Neal! The world would be a better place if we had more people with his attitude in it.

For the past year, I've been working to raise neurofibromatosis awareness, and I'm posting this site on a myspace bulletin, which I hope will bring in more funds. Medical procedures are so expensive, and I hope there will be plenty of funds left over for follow-up treatment.

Jacquie Rogers
Author of Faery Special Romances
Royalties donated to Children's Tumor Foundation

Angela said...

Just saw your story on Your in the "Most read stories" section. I hope everyone who reads your story and who is able to, dontates what they can to help!