Friday, May 30, 2008

James story has reached so many news organizations. Donations are pouring in from all over the World.

James wants you to know whether your donations are $5 or much more that he is deeply touched and feels so loved by your outpourings. We have loved the messages sent through PayPal with the donations. We plan to compile a Scrap book with all your messages so James will always remember each gesture.


Claire said...

I also suffer from NF and I am pleased to see such high spirits from Mr. O'neal. Please give him my best, and let him know I'm praying for him!

Reggie Bibbs said...

My name is Reggie Bibbs. I also have Neurofibromatosis. My goale is to help raise awareness of neurofibromatosos. I understand how things can be. Two years ago I started a champagne JUST ASK! My website is I have no drought that James dreams will come true. Mine have. I choose not to have surgery. It's just something I'm not wanting. James is a true Hero and it reminds me of how much I am loved by the people who know me here in Houston Texas.
There is a song that I love. Called My Life has Just Begone. My has thank to friends that are supporting me. My best to you, and your life has just begone.

Make it a tremendous Day!

Reggie Bibbs

Christopher L. Collins said...

James, you are one of God's children and how you handled yourself with this condition, speaks many words of who you are.

Good luck on your surgery and soon, you will have a new life!

God blesses those who do good deeds, He has now blessed you through the thoughtfulness of a total stranger, a local customer and now, the world has entered your life as a result.

In Christ always,