Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank you to the WORLD!

We are humbled by your generous hearts. What a difference a day has made for our Friend!

Pay Pal is activated under the email:

Donate at
Go to "Problem Solvers" and choose the story "He is an Amazing Man". At the end of the story there is a link to donate through. Please type in "Friends of James O'Neal" in the box to specify the recipient.

Visit a Bank of America location
"For the Benefit of James O'Neal" account

We can now say that his story has gone Global! His story has reached Australia, Canada and Great Britain. Safeway Grocery has stepped up, and donated the first $10,000 for James' surgery. Starting in July, they will have donation canisters available in every check stand in four states.

Soon you can donate directly at the register of the local Kingsgate Safeway and currently at the Bank of Alaska inside the store. We are having trouble with Bank Of America, but it should be cleared up by Fri. Please be patient.

James story was aired on CNN and with the story KOMO 4 news filmed on May 28th. Check out and and to watch the video or read the transcript which includes a little more information.

We are so thankful for all the comments, they inspire us, and keep us going. I was just talking with James and he was reading through all your notes. He is SO excited about how much has happened in the past 2 days, and is looking forward to his life altering surgeries. We will get a video of him talking to you uploaded soon.


MikeonTV said...

Lets help James get his surgeries!!

Gramper said...


Todd said...

Katie - Are you checking your other blog for the notes we left you?

Thom said...

Awesome. Glad the site is updated. I will be sending all my readers at Qlog your way. Thom Quinn

Eric said...

Very inspirational what is going on here. Count me in! James best of luck in reaching the goal to get your surgeries! Hope my donation helps.

American Girl said...

I saw this clip on CNN because it was one of the headline reports. One teeny problem with the took a bit of googling before I could find where/how to donate. If you haven't already, register the blog with technorati, and get some bloggers to link to the page to give it some "authority".

Best wishes to you James.

Laura said...

Can you add a "Donation Tracker" so we can see how close to the goal we are getting? It would be AWESOME to watch as the $$$$ piles up!

Sofonias said...

I just saw James' story on CNN and was astonished not only by the generous hearts of Komo and the world, but James amazing strife and charisma. I would die for a grocer like that in my town. I will be spreading the word and the world the opportunity to meet James. Keep up the good work!

Todd said...

I wanted to hold off on posting this link until I spoke to Katie first but I am afraid that James is loosing out on donations -

TuckTuck said...

All I can say is WOW. James you are an amazing person. Your story on really touched me. Prayers going out to you to reach your goal.

adam shockey said...

just saw james' story today on CNN, and was very touched, will definitley be sending a donation.. how wonderful to see a community with so much heart! James: I wish there were more folks in the world with your courageous spirit and positive outlook, you are an inspiration to us all to be proud of who we are, and to make the most of the life we are given.. thank you.

Patty L said...

Dear Katty: FINALLY! someone could do something. I tried long time ago to see if a talk show could help. Oprah never replied. Maury said this isn't what he has in his show...etc. etc. I feel so much for James, he inspires me when I have hard pain because he goes like any normal person to work and very proud of it. I sent him once in a while lottery tickets anonymously, but he never wan... I'll keep on doing that anyway.

Good for you and good for all the people that helps.


Mark said...

Just read the story about James from all the way down in OZ. Donation on its way. I hope many people follow. Mark

Anonymous said...

The story has reached Sweden

TV with James here:

Story here:

Amy said...

I have been inspired by James's courage. His self-respect is a model for our young people who live in such a materialistic and "beauty" filled world. To have this kind of impact on those around him is truly inspiring. I love hearing these kinds of "happy" news stories.

To Katie and the other "friends" who are helping James - bless you! That is such a testimony of his impact on your and your generosity. It encourages my heart that there are still good people out in the world.

Bill said...

A man with courage, more courage than I have. I have not seen the cnn story but read your story on

Looking forward to hearing about everything being ok.

Cyndi said...

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