Sunday, September 28, 2008

Grocery workers in Woodinville offer meals & dog walking.

In an effort to be a part of the community effort, grocery workers from Top Foods in James neighborhood have volunteered to cook him some meals and walk his dog while he's under the weather.

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Anonymous said...

Sylvia at Woodinville Top Foods is waiting to hear from James' family and friends. She has a sign-up sheet at work with people ready to bring meals (whatever that means) and to walk James' dog for all of November (Thanksgiving included). We have breakfast, dog walk, lunch, dog walk, dinner and then dog walk/or dinner starting from 8am to 8pm on a sign-up sheet. All we are doing now, is waiting to hear from family and friends about what we need to accomplish, to help James recover. Everyone at Top Foods in Woodinville loves James and we have a lot of people already signed up and ready to help. Please call Sylvia at Top Foods at 425-398-6700. Julie Wonderling, Store Manager, has authorized all this help and we can not wait to be a part of James' recovery.

Thank you so very much.