Sunday, August 10, 2008

$153,250 !

We are in awe at the number of people who have felt it in their heart to contribute to James' surgery fund. This response has warmed our hearts and strengthened our belief in the humanity of mankind. James is walking on cloud nine and is looking forward to his first surgery on November 9th. I'm sure the upcoming football season and knowing he will be home recuperating during some of the season is keeping his mind at ease.

There is talk of another Little Caesars fundraiser, I'll keep you updated here.


Anonymous said...

What you guys are doing is great!
Keep up the good work!

Jacqui Paterson said...

I'm a journalist based in London, UK, and would love to look into writing a magazine story about James and his fundraising. Could you contact me with an email address if you are interested in discussing this idea further?
Kindest regards,
Jacqui Paterson,