Saturday, February 7, 2009

CNN Video Link

Here is the link to Katie and James on CNN.


Anonymous said...

Hey James!

You're looking a lot better, if that's the proper way to put it. Glad to hear you're fealing better after the surgery too.

Adam from Michigan

Gen said...

I have suffered from severe depression most of my life. Many times I have had suicide ideation. I don't have any facial growths or any other visible deformities. What I have is a warped mind, in that, I often do not have the wherewithal to run my life properly. Reading about James makes me very ashamed of myself. If I had been dealt his hand, I WOULD have killed myself. Saying this to say that I admire his strength, his love of life, his love of people (inspite of the cruelty I am sure he experiences constantly at their hands) and his refusal to let his situation make him embittered. You are my hero, James.

waij kurani said...

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Marla Conti said...

I believe I picked you up hitchhiking in northern Virginia in the early 1970s. I have thought about you often over the years, always hoping that your life went well. Just ran across this website with the story of your surgery. It has made me very happy. All the best to you James!