Friday, July 11, 2008

Courierwest of Mill Creek Donates services to Dr Neligan

Courierwest has made themselves available to Dr Neligan for any couriering services he may need in relation to James surgery. What a wonderful offer. As Richard at Courierwest said, "We are happy to help James by doing what we do best."


Anonymous said...

Today James´story is in the Danish newspaper, "EkstraBladet".

I wonder, why the USA doesn´t have the same kind of health-care for all it´s citizens, like we have in DK: ok, we pay our taxes, but it guarantees us healthcare for free, and I feel it as shocking, that a nation as big and powerful as the USA acts so asocial towards its citizens by acting like that.

Nurse Veronica

mellie1957 said...

Veronica, yes it is shocking that such a great country doesn't take care of it's own people though socialized medicine. Then, it's quite ironic, there are Americans very capable of working who instead choose to receive government funding such a welfare & foodstamps.