Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Denmark Shares James Story

If you can read Danish, check out James story here.


Anonymous said...

Just a small correction, here in Denmark we speak Danish, and not Dutch ;)

Here's the translation of the article

The elephant man get’s a new face

Neighbors, friends and acquaints pays an expensive operation, that will give 46 year old James “elephant man” O’Neal a new life.

A 46 year old man from Woodinville in Washington, USA, has helplessly watched as his face slowly got disfigured by a huge tumor, because he couldn’t afford an operation.

But as the tumor grew, and started to cover James O’Neal’s face, the local community started to collect money for an operation. Until now there have been collected more than ½ a million Danish Kroner.

“I’ve never experienced such a support before. I’m overwhelmed” says O’Neal, who works at the local supermarket, and is because of that a known face in the city.

O’Neal has a genetic disease, which means that benign tumors grow on the nerve cells. Since he was a kid, he had the tumors removed on regular basis, but each time it cost a small fortune.

“I’ve always been interested in his story. He has really impressed me” says 39 year old house wife Katie Knopf, who took initiative to the collection, and started a website about it.

It won’t take long before O’Neal will be on the operating table again, and endure a 10 hour surgery. First they’ll remove the tumor, and then they’ll reconstruct his face with plastic surgery.

Katie said...

I am soo sorry! I debated how to say it, but I guessed wrong! Thanks for educating me!

Matt said...

Good for you James! And thanks again this blog.

Anonymous said...

I know that James has referred to himself as "Elephant Man" but it is VERY important to make the distinction here between Neurofibromatosis and PROTEUS SYNDROME - which is what the real Elephant Man, James Merrick, suffered from. James Merrick did not have Neurofibromatosis. Since this discovery has been made, less than 20 years ago, those involved with NF organizations around the world have done a lot of work to get away from referring to NF as "the Elephant Man's disease". Thanks. Mom of a son with NF (NOT elephant man's disease!!)

Anonymous said...

Katie, no worries about the mistage, it's not easy to figure the langiuages of the world out.

I just wanted to add that I think you're doing a very good deed, the world could do with a few more like you.

May the spirits bless you.

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