Sunday, July 19, 2009

James Highlighted at Golf Tournament benefit

The Washington State NF Foundation has a Golf Benefit every year. They highlight people with NF on cards on the tables so people can understand what it's like to live with NF. James was invited to do a card this year. This is what he wrote.

My name is James O’Neal. I was born with NF in 1962. Growing up with NF was not that bad for me. At a young age my mom told me that everyone was born with a handicap, some you see, some you don’t. As a child I had several surgeries from age 1-18. Then more than twenty five years after my last surgery while working at Safeway a customer asked if I would like surgery to repair my face. I told her that if she could raise the money I’d do it. The plan was a success and I had surgery in 2008. I had already chosen to lead an inspiring life with or without surgery. To me the most important value is to touch others lives and believe that giving service is living in meaning. Give yourself permission to be great and you will be! Visit me at --James


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