Monday, June 2, 2008

$42,515 and climbing!

Today the Seattle Times is meeting me and James at Safeway. I'll let you know when the story will print. Keep telling us places and countries where you heard James' story so we can keep track for him. I am so thrilled to see everyone pulling together for a stranger. It makes me think about what we could do for the world if we tried. Everyone has something to give- time, money or talents. There's enough to go around. THANK YOU!


Anonymous said...

I'm in Columbia, MD and I saw the video on CNN. I managed to find the original article, which led me here. His story is so touching, and my heart goes out to him. I'm donating, and going to pass his story along and encourage others to donate as well. You rock, James!


kimberly said...

KT your compassion and action is an inspiration!

Carol said...

Katie, Thank you for printing all the coments left here for James to see as he does not have a computer. I am very blessed to call James a friend of mine. He is such a special person, the kind that would give the shirt off his back to a perfect stranger. He is truely a wonderful person. I know he is kinda overwhelmed by all the kindness for him. But he is so deserving of anything we all can do for him. I can remember last winter when he would walk to work and in the snow and it was quite a way for him to walk in the rain and not getting off till midnight. He doesn't have a car but he never complained or even asked for a ride that is the kind of person he is. He doesn't ever whine or have self pitty. He has always been a remarkable human being. We love you James

Ed Deane said...

James is a very great co worker and he really deserves this as he goes way beyond his work duties to see all customers are happy and he loves children and they love him dearly.
Thanks James for all the great years working with you and many more
The Old Guy

Ed Deane