Sunday, June 8, 2008

AlaskaUSA Credit Union Accepting Donations

AlaskaUSA credit union is accepting donations into a fund for James. They are located inside the grocery stores which makes stopping in easy and quick. Thanks for the account AlaskaUSA.

James says his dad is so excited about the campaign. He wants some fliers to pass out around his home. I can't keep fliers in stock! Everyone wants them.


Anonymous said...

ALASKA USA is actually a Credit Union, not a Bank. I am sure they are excited to help in this effort and are truly friends of James.
I know they are located in Washington as well as Alaska...

Anonymous said...

For the flyer, could you made a word and pdf version and post a link to them on here? I'd love to print some out and post them around work. If you posted a link, then so many people would be able to post flyers for James!!