Thursday, June 19, 2008

Surgery Scheduled for November 2008!

The chief of Plastic Surgery at University of Washington evaluated James this week and confirmed that he was a good candidate for the procedure. He is scheduled for November. The surgery will last 10-12 hours! There will be a couple follow up procedures and then in two years they will reevaluate and perhaps fine tune some things.

UPDATE: Here's a link to the KOMO TV report on James' doctor appointment.


Anonymous said...

Bless you, Katie for doing what you've done for James. James, I made a donation to your surgery tonight, and I would encourage everyone else who reads this to do the same. You're a lesson for those of us who think we have it so tough. My best wishes to you, and thanks for being the good guy that you are. - A friend in Calif.

Paul said...

Katie, sorry can't find an email address on this site so I am posting here. I too have NF, I saw the article posted in the Seattle Times and was thinking, maybe your efforts to help one could be expanded to help others with NF. Please email me.

Irene said...

Katie, Thanks so much for doing this, I've shopped at Safeway for years and always wondered if something could be done to help James but was afraid to ask him about his condition and figured I'd need to have some big effort coordinated before trying to help him anyway. You are a wonderful lesson to the fact that just starting is the key and sets things in place for amazing things to happen. God bless you.