Friday, June 13, 2008

Woodmoor 6th Graders Legacy Gift Recipient

The 6th Graders at Woodmoor elementary have chosen James as the beneficiary of their legacy gift. Every year they raise money to do something special to say 'we were here'. This year they will donate it to James at a ceremony during their graduation party at High Woodlands Park. When I know the time I'll let you know.

Komo news did another great story last night. They showed several of his childhood pictures. He was such a cute kid! It think he is still such a handsome man but the tumors steal his thunder. You can really see how much of a sports fan he is on the video. They filmed it at his house and everything is Seahawks! Check out the story.
More than $100,000 collect for James 'Mr Hollywood' O'Neal

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