Monday, June 16, 2008

KOMO Report on Woodmoor 6th Graders

Komo just posted the video on the Woodmoor Elementary 6th Graders donation to James. It's great seeing James interact with the kids. My kids love seeing "pirate" James - it's so wonderful to be around James and his attitude.


NicoletteArambula said...

Hi my name is Nicolette and I work at the Safeway in Lodi, California. I was watching CNN News and watched James story. He is a true inspiration for me and I would love to jump in and help out. I do most of the donation organizing at my store and will start a drive to help raise money for James' surgery. "Thank you James for being so strong...I needed to see that!!!" "You are a true inspiration....Good luck to you!!"

Anonymous said...

I found out about this story at the Bellingham Herald this morning, and this is very inspirational, and has made my day.