Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dr. Neligan Donates His Services!

James received a call today from his surgeon, Peter Neligan, who said that he wanted to donate his services to James. This is something we really hoped for. I about burst into tears.

James surgery is scheduled for November 6th at the University of Washington.

Check out Dr Neligan's webpage to learn more about this fantastuc surgeon.


Anonymous said...

Well Done Doc! It is always amazing to read stories of great caring! You are a class act!


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU Dr. For having such a big heart. You are making James's dreams come true. Now his outside will match his beautiful inside! James feels like a friend to us all, even though most of us have never met him. He stands for the best in this world. HOPE and COMPASSION. And the random acts of the kindness of strangers. That is priceless and precious. The Golden Rule is still alive and well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO much, Dr. Neligan! Many of us can give a few $$$ but you have the skills to accomplish this and obviously the heart to make it happen! I have never met James but am privileged to join in with so many others not to do OUR part!

Misti in Seattle

Anonymous said...

God bless you doctor, and those who paved the way for this to happen!

Kellie said...


This is wonderful news. I too have Neurofibromatosis and just recently underwent treatment for Neurofibrosarcoma, a cancer common in people with NF. Best of luck to you in surgery and recovery. Too bad you're a Seahawks fan.... LOL Go Steelers!

Kellie in Pgh, PA

mellie1957 said...

Dr. Neligan - God bless you for helping Mr. O'Neal. I hope to see the contributions continue to mount. My older brother, Ricky Quine, died from complication of this disease at the age of 33. He was my hero. Like James, he accomplished so much in life even though he was severely handicapped. I wish I could meet Mr. O'Neal.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Peter C. Neligan:

Katie Knopf, the campaign manager, and you are sparkling angels on earth. It is heartwarming and it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you Komo.

My own challenges is too small compared with what James has to face and the enormous effort Katie has made.

I have always believed that if you are lucky enough, even strangers will help you.

May your magical touch and technical expertise light up Jame's life, his heart and all those peopel or entities that had helped.

Kindness and compassion - we definitely need more of it in this world. Bless your heart. Thank you Katie Knopf. Thank you Doctor Neligan. Thank you Komo. Thank you all the organizations and everyone who contributed in their own way.

Though I am not a religious person but I had asked the universe to bring magic to James at times when I felt too overwhelmed myself. It happened three months after thought went through my mind.