Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thanks Logan!

Logan donated all his birthday money to James' fund! Then his parents and grandparents matched it. Thank you Logan, that was a truly gracious thing to do.


Anonymous said...

Hi James. I sent a donation through KOMO News, and when I told my wife, she chided me for not sending more. Well, I knew the kind folks out there would rally around a worthy cause, and they are. Not only are you an inspiration to all of us, your cause defines how people should act and think about what is important in our everyday lives, to stop thinking about our petty problems and concentrate on others for a change. Our prayers and best wishes are with you now and in the future and we will continue to follow your progress.

Anonymous said...

Hi James. I can say only two things. Reading your story and witnessing you courage and poise brought tears to my eyes.

And....the world needs more like you. God speed and thank you. Best wishes.