Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Seattle Times Spreads the Word

The Seattle Times published our story today, front page of the local news section.


Lauren said...

Hi Katie,

I saw the Times story and thought it was terrific. I love your sense of community and individual action. I launched a post on my blog about you and James. God keep you.

Julia R said...

Nice seeing your picture in the paper Katie. You're doing a very good thing that most people are too busy to do.

M said...

It's great that you all are working to finance Mr. O'Neal's surgery, but has anyone asked why his Safeway insurance didn't cover it?

Here's a letter I've just written to the Seattle Times:

To the Editor:

I was sorry your story about the Eastside man who suffers from neurofibromatosis ( didn’t mention health insurance at all.

I’ve seen Mr. O’Neal several times, and admired his courage. But I’d assumed his facial condition was inoperable. I was stunned to learn his tumors were entirely treatable, all the years he’s been employed at Safeway. Why didn’t the Times discuss his Safeway health insurance? Couldn’t it have paid for his treatment?

Hearty congratulations to all those who have helped him, especially Ms. Knopf. But with a decent health insurance plan, Mr. O’Neal could have had this life-changing surgery many years ago.

nlg said...

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, in the Kingsgate neighborhood, will have a fund raiser for James at the 10:30 worship service on Sunday, June 29. Everyone is welcome to atttend.