Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dr Neligan is finishing up now.

The news from the OR is that Dr Neligan is starting to close him up now, which may take an hour. He is stable and doing well. He responded well to the anesthesia and should be in the recovery room soon.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Best wishes to James, and what great friends to support him at this time. I hope he heals quickly and has as little pain as possible. I'll be checking in for more updates :)

Anonymous said...

came upon this story completely by accident.. am so glad to see that he has progressed to the surgery, and that he is doing well. God bless him, and give him a speedy recovery!
he really is ann inspiration.
Carey in NC

Anonymous said...

I believe in miracles. They happen everyday! Go James Go! May the surgery go quicker and better than expected.....healing better than anticipated....and the results....miraculous! You deserve it! Blessings and prayers!

Matt said...

We live just down the road from where he works and I can't wait to see him when he gets back to work and say hi. Best wishes James!