Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Learn About Neurofibromatosis

Here's a link to some great Neurofibromatosis sites. This is where I did my own research on NF. You can request a great packet of info from
This is the Washington State NF organization,


Buta House said...

WOW James looks Great. I just read he had his stitches removed. I understand his face has been through the utmost trauma with his surgery. I understand as well that he has had many surgeries in his past.
I am sure Mr. James had heard of every after care advise for post op. I just wanted to share that if he can apply 100 percent Cocoa Butter to the incision areas. It comes in a stick like a big fat chap stick. It will aid in so many ways. Aid in healing and will aid in prevention of scar tissue. The white core line hardened skin that can appear after the healing after plastic surgery. Cocoa Butter will Help prevent this. I cannot fathom what he has been through. I cannot compare, but I was instructed to do this via my plastic surgeon after a severe dog bite to my face.
70+ stitches. It is a little miracle in a stick.

God Bless James!

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