Tuesday, November 11, 2008

James Out of ICU today!

Happy Day! James has graduated to his own room!

Tomorrow I will take him all the letters and cards you all have sent him. It's an impressive pile! Marlene and I were reading through them the other day and it warmed our hearts to hear the kind words of encouragement and support from everyone. THANKS!


Stacey said...

I went to Safeway yesterday and it just wasn't the same without James there. I am so glad things are going well.

Anonymous said...

why were you reading through our letters???

Anonymous said...

This is so amzing. I wish him well.

Mandi said...

I am so anxious to hear how James feels once he has had a little more time to heal. WE are so lucky to be able to say that we know such a brave man.


We cannot wait to have you back!

Katie said...

Almost all the mail is addressed to me with donations inside, so of course I opened them and read them.