Tuesday, November 25, 2008

James' Sisters By His Side Throughout

James just loved having his sisters by his side.

James sister Linda who came from Idaho said of Billie,

"Billie was there from minute one in the hospital and sat by his bedside and supported him through everything. She drove from Auburn sometimes twice a day just to be there for him. While doing this she juggled school, work, family and making sure that I was picked up and returned back to the airport. If there is anyone (besides you) who deserves praise and appreciation for supporting James it is her. Through it all she never thought about herself but only of James and what he might need." -Linda

What a wonderful tribute from an awesome family!

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karlagolay said...

I'm very pleased to see that James is in recovery. It brings back memories. I was married to a man with this exact same type of MF1 located in the exact same area of his face so I know the situation throughout. I lost him due to brain cancer. NF1 patients have a high risk for developing malignant tumors (Oligodendroglioma grade 3) that may appear as normal tissue on an MRI because the tumor(s) are the same density as normal tissue and can escape detection.