Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sorry for the delay on updates!

I haven't been able to log in to.. anything lately. Don't know why, but now I'm back!

James is taking it easy and doing great because of it. I'm glad he's not rushing back to a busy life. He got his stitches out and the swelling is down even more and everything is healing nicely. He's been up to Safeway several times to say hello to all his friends. Many wonderful people have brought him dinner, too.

He will need another procedure to get the rest of the tumor off. With all the bleeding it caused, it was too risky to take it all in the first surgery.The doctor said that whenever he is feeling 100% then they can schedule it.

I have to say how awesome James' family has been. They have supported him through and through. What a blessing to have such wonderful people in your life.

On Monday night, at 11pm, KOMO news will air their big reveal of James new face. If you miss it, I will put the link on the website for you.


Kenn said...

Don't worry about the delay Katie, you're doing a great job as it is!!

Personally I can't wait until tomorrow, to log on and watch the clip on-line (I've been following the story from Denmark), and see the "new" James.

I do wish him all the best, and I'm sure that he'll be great, with that positive attitude he have.

Eric said...

I just saw the story about James on CNN's website. He seems like an amazing man and has been helped by amazing people. I'm wondering if there still is anything I can do to help with his recovery/surgeries. Monetarily or otherwise.

Anonymous said...