Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Great Interview on CNN!

James and I had quite a bit of fun with our 8 minutes of fame on CNN. It was fun talking about James and all that everyone has done.

I decided to post our donation button again so if anyone wanted to donate they could. Through everyone's generosity we have raised over $240,000. James will need surgery about every 5 years and any extra money will be given to someone with Neurofibromatosis who needs the help just like James did.


Cilicious said...

What an inspiring story.
Congratulations to you, James, and Dr. Neligan.

Randal Pinkett said...

How do I make a donation via PayPal? PayPal requires an e-mail address or a cellphone number.

Anonymous said...

James oh wow you sweetheart. I have only just found you via this website so hope with all my heart you get to read this. James I suppose I want to just say I am so proud of you and would so love you to e mail me (if you want too) My e mail address is and it would be so lovely to speak to you. I am in the UK or I would have left my phone number TONS OF LOVE XXXXXXX